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New in Nikola v6 III: comment alternatives

I am plan­ning to do a ma­jor re­lease (ver­sion 6!) of Niko­la my stat­ic blog and site gen­er­a­tor the next week­end. It's a ma­jor ver­sion be­cause there has been a ton of fea­ture work done. So, I will do a quick se­ries high­light­ing some of those im­prove­ments this week.

Today's Topic: Comments

Niko­la has sup­port­ed 3rd par­ty com­ment ser­vices since day one. Be­cause it start­ed as "some­thing that gen­er­ates my site", it sup­port­ed the com­ment sys­tem I was us­ing (and still am us­ing), Dis­qus.

There is noth­ing wrong with Dis­qus, and it will be the de­fault in v6, but if you want some­thing else... we got you cov­ered.

So Niko­la v6 sup­port­s:

All with just mi­nor changes in your con­fig. Be­cause of how it's done, all themes will sup­port all com­ment sys­tems with at most very mi­nor tweak­s.

If you know of any oth­er com­ment sys­tems worth sup­port­ing, just open an is­sue and I'll get them in.


Thanks to Kw­pol­s­ka and pun­cha­gan now Google+ and Face­book are al­so sup­port­ed for com­ments.


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