2013-08-29 11:48

New in Nikola v6 III: comment alternatives

I am planning to do a major release (version 6!) of Nikola my static blog and site generator the next weekend. It's a major version because there has been a ton of feature work done. So, I will do a quick series highlighting some of those improvements this week.

Today's Topic: Comments

Nikola has supported 3rd party comment services since day one. Because it started as "something that generates my site", it supported the comment system I was using (and still am using), Disqus.

There is nothing wrong with Disqus, and it will be the default in v6, but if you want something else... we got you covered.

So Nikola v6 supports:

All with just minor changes in your config. Because of how it's done, all themes will support all comment systems with at most very minor tweaks.

If you know of any other comment systems worth supporting, just open an issue and I'll get them in.

Thanks to Kwpolska and punchagan now Google+ and Facebook are also supported for comments.


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