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New in Nikola v6 part IV: Awesome Auto Mode

I am plan­ning to do a ma­jor re­lea­se (ver­sion 6!) of Niko­la my sta­tic blog and si­te ge­ne­ra­tor the next weeken­d. It's a ma­jor ver­sion be­cau­se the­re has been a ton of fea­tu­re wo­rk do­ne. So, I wi­ll do a qui­ck se­ries hi­gh­li­gh­ting so­me of tho­se im­pro­ve­men­ts this week.

Today's Topic: Auto Mode

Niko­la has ha­d, sin­ce day one, a way to run in "au­to mo­de". That means that it would re­build the si­te au­to­ma­ti­ca­lly when it saw a fi­le chan­ge. That was pro­vi­ded by doit the cool so­ftwa­re that hand­les niko­la's ta­sk tree.

The pro­blem was that it was sli­gh­tly li­mite­d, and it did­n't no­ti­ce con­fi­gu­ra­tion chan­ges, or when you added new fi­le­s. It on­ly reac­ted to chan­ges in things it al­ready knew as de­pen­den­cie­s.

We­ll, in v6, Niko­la has a new au­to mo­de cour­tesy of Py­thon Li­ve­re­load that fixes all tha­t.

I thi­nk the best way to show it is wi­th a vi­deo, so he­re it is (the­re are ty­pos and su­ch, just see the big pic­tu­re ;-):

notfoss / 2013-08-31 07:05:

This is super cool. So, the doit method is deprecated?

ralsina / 2013-08-31 10:25:

Yes, this no longer uses doit's auto command.

The command is still the same "nikola auto" it just gained a -b option. Other than that, for the user it works more or less the same.

(ralsina, but posting as guest because disqus login seems down)

Juan Rodríguez Monti / 2013-09-02 22:12:

This is amazing, Roberto!. Thanks!.

Jose / 2013-09-05 22:33:

Ahhh... está rezarpado!! Muy bueno! Felicitaciones Roberto!

Mauricio Baeza / 2013-10-06 06:41:

En México decimos "esta padrisimo" aunque algunas feministas quieren cambiarlo por "esta madrisimo", jejje...

Nikola is amazing....

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