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Preparing a rst2pdf release for next week

Since this is the first post that appears in Planet Python, a small intro is in order.

Hi, my name is Roberto Alsina, I am a former KDE developer, amateur programmer 1 , python fan.

This post (and many you will see from me) is about rst2pdf, a tool to convert restructured text to PDF. For example, it turns the python library reference into this PDF (not production quality yet).

If you are a rst2pdf 0.11 user, or a sphinx or docutils user who wants to try an alternative way to create PDFs, then I would like your help testing the SVN trunk code.

These are some of the new features since 0.11:

  • PDFBuilder, a Sphinx extension to generate PDFs.

  • Kerning (requires wordaxe from SVN)

  • AAFigure support (diagrams using ASCII Art)

  • PageBreaks can be odd/even/any

  • Support for advanced page counters (manual numbering, roman/arabic/letters)

  • Much better styling, specially for tables.

  • About two dozen bugfixes.

So, please, take a look, you may like it!


That just means I love programming.


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