2008-08-23 20:26

Some more rst2pdf love, time-based releases of my code

Since revision #17_ you can display Page numbers in headers and footers (only!) by using this syntax:

.. header::

   This is the header. Page ###Page###

This is the content

.. footer::

   This is the footer. Page ###Page###

It has some issues if your page number is bigger than 99999999999 or your header/footer is a little longer than one line when using the placeholder, because the space required is calculated with the placeholder instead of with the number, but those are really marginal cases.

Next in line, a decent way to define custom stylesheets.

As for "time-based releases", I intend to release a new version of something every friday.

Since I have about a dozen projects in different stages of usability, I expect this will push me a bit more towards showing this stuff instead of it rotting in my hard drive and unknown svn repos.


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