2008-08-24 10:11

This friday will see a new rst2pdf release

Following my new policy of one release every friday, in 6 days you will see a rst2pdf release. But not any release: a great release.

What will be new?

  • Support for page number/section names/section numbers in headers and footers.
  • Custom interpreted text roles (that means inline styling ;-)
  • Stylesheets defined in external files. The syntax is JSON which may look a bit strange, but it works great.
  • A Manual!
  • Easy True Type font embedding.
  • Maybe: syntax highlighting directive via pygments. I know I could make it work using the ImageFormatter, but then you can't copy the code. There is a docutils-sandbox project that does exactly what I want.

I intend to call this release 0.3.0, but maybe I will jump higher, since there is not much more left to implement.


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