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Some more rst2pdf love, time-based releases of my code

Since re­vi­sion #17_ you can dis­play Page num­bers in head­ers and foot­ers (on­ly!) by us­ing this syn­tax:

.. header::

   This is the header. Page ###Page###

This is the content

.. footer::

   This is the footer. Page ###Page###

It has some is­sues if your page num­ber is big­ger than 99999999999 or your head­er/­foot­er is a lit­tle longer than one line when us­ing the place­hold­er, be­cause the space re­quired is cal­cu­lat­ed with the place­hold­er in­stead of with the num­ber, but those are re­al­ly mar­gin­al cas­es.

Next in line, a de­cent way to de­fine cus­tom stylesheet­s.

As for "time-based re­leas­es", I in­tend to re­lease a new ver­sion of some­thing ev­ery fri­day.

Since I have about a dozen projects in dif­fer­ent stages of us­abil­i­ty, I ex­pect this will push me a bit more to­wards show­ing this stuff in­stead of it rot­ting in my hard drive and un­known svn re­pos.

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