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APT Pupil: your own repository

A tu­to­ri­al ex­plain­ing how to set­up your own AP­T-RPM repos­i­to­ry, so you can in­stall your cus­tom (or cus­tom-­pack­aged) pro­grams eas­i­ly.

Now, this is too lame a piece to an­nounce on the usu­al sites, so I will just post it here, and as a track­back for the oth­er APT ar­ti­cle.

It re­al­ly feels like half-an-ar­ti­cle with­out the pin and pol­i­cy stuff, so it will sure­ly get up­dat­ed even­tu­al­ly.

Getting rid of the google thing:

Rob: you can re­move it.

I re­moved it be­cause I don't use it:

Con­fig­ure Tool­bars-> Lo­ca­tion Tool­bar (search­bar) and then move the on­ly ac­tion to the left.

Ap­ply (Or OK) and it's gone.

Now, for some rea­son, plan­et won't get my sec­ond post of the day un­til the next day. Maybe it's a bug on plan­et, maybe it's on PyC­S, maybe it's on PyD­S. Beats me.

I'm a lucky guy

No, I haven't won the lot­tery or any­thing. And no, it's not be­cuse I'm in love (but I am). It's just that I look at the 33 years I have spent around and no­tice that:

I have nev­er had any­thing re­al­ly ter­ri­ble hap­pen to me. Sure, small prob­lem­s, even large prob­lem­s, but no stuff like loss of a lim­b.

I have nev­er been re­al­ly poor. Mind you, many read­ing this live in places where be­ing poor means you have to ask for wel­fare (which I haven't), but here, be­ing re­al­ly poor means you die sleep­ing in the street. Or you go to prison and rot. Or you watch your own chil­dren starve.

Sure, I've had days when I did­n't have enough to buy the news­pa­per. But I still had food in the fridge (and a fridge), and a roof to put the fridge un­der.

I have nev­er been un­em­ployed. Sure, I don't have a job that pays ev­ery mon­th, but I earn my own mon­ey, and haven't had to ask any­one for any­thing in a very long while, ex­cept as a very short term loan.

I like what I do. It's easy (at least for me), leaves me enough days off to be with Rosar­i­o, is not phisi­cal­ly ex­haust­ing. Usu­al­ly it's done in air-­con­di­tioned of­fices. It lets me ra­tio­nal­ize my crav­ing for gad­gets as job-re­lat­ed.

I man­aged to ride some of the worse times in this coun­try's his­to­ry and come out on my feet.

I am not dead in­sid­e.

I don't give a damn about stuff that's un­de­serv­ing.

I still feel a need to help peo­ple when I can, but I can live with not help­ing those I can't. I have ac­cept­ed I can't save ev­ery­one, so I try to save the ones I can, yet I don't for­get the rest.

I haven't fall­en in­to re­li­gion, na­tion­al­is­m, pol­i­tic­s, greed, or any of the mul­ti­ple traps that grab you and don't let you be a re­al hu­man.

My fam­i­ly is well, with the usu­al al­lowances for hu­man trou­ble, and I ac­tu­al­ly like each one of them.

All in al­l, I'm a fuck­ing lucky son of a bitch.

Reason #9751 not to use sendmail

If you map a do­main (x.­com) to a sin­gle ac­count (xuser) and then send a mes­sage to a@x.­com, BCC to b@x.­com, on­ly one copy is de­liv­ered to xuser's mail­box.

There­fore, it's im­pos­si­ble to im­ple­ment a cor­rect mul­tidrop ac­count in send­mail that you can lat­er pick­up us­ing fetch­mail or sim­i­lar soft­ware.

What's cool about skype

For Rob: (No, I won't both­er reg­is­ter­ing in a site to be able to post a com­men­t, so this is eas­ier).

With­out even con­sid­er­ing the po­lit­i­cal stuff, which I don't give a damn about, here's what I find nice about hav­ing Skype in Lin­ux:

  • You can use skype­out and call long dis­­­tance or in­­ter­­na­­tion­al very cheap­­­ly

  • You can re­­place your com­­pa­ny-wide phone sys­tem with it (or nev­er both­­er to in­­stall phones), al­though I pre­fer to use {g­nome,net}meet­ing or ophone for this sort of thing.

  • It does work from be­hind a fire­wal­l, which is what has­n't let me use MSN or sim­i­lar AV sys­tem­s.

  • Since it works on Lin­ux, I can use it.

Of course all this as­sumes Skype works as ad­ver­tised. But if you know of an al­ter­na­tive that can do all that, that would be even bet­ter!

I agree that for lo­cal call­s, if you have lit­tle need for a phone, it may make no sense. Some­times. In some places, lo­cal calls are free. Here, I pay by the minute.

Skype would save mon­ey in some cas­es, when I need to have a two-hour-­long talk with a clien­t.

In short: would I pre­fer to have a free, open source pro­gram that does all the above? Sure! (although I can't imag­ine how Skype­out could be free).

Would I pre­fer not to have Skype? Hell no!

So, while not ide­al, it's good. And if it's good... well, that's good, is­n't it? Then why gripe?

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