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APT Pupil: your own repository

A tu­to­ri­al ex­plain­ing how to set­up your own AP­T-RPM repos­i­to­ry, so you can in­stall your cus­tom (or cus­tom-­pack­aged) pro­grams eas­i­ly.

Now, this is too lame a piece to an­nounce on the usu­al sites, so I will just post it here, and as a track­back for the oth­er APT ar­ti­cle.

It re­al­ly feels like half-an-ar­ti­cle with­out the pin and pol­i­cy stuff, so it will sure­ly get up­dat­ed even­tu­al­ly.

cornel panceac / 2006-04-03 16:32:

great article! still, i've found that some things are not working as expected. i've used the instructions above for creating a local apt repo for the internal network. so i've linked /var/cache/apt/archives to the publicly visible directory, and some packages are seen ok, while for others (like /kernel#2.6.11-1.14%5fFC3_2.6.11-1.14%5fFC3_i686.rpm) apache responds with 404 file not found. but i suppose that's apache's problem.

thank you very much!

Roberto Alsina / 2006-04-03 16:34:

Well, the name of that file is somewhat weird :-)

For one thing, it seems to be URL-encoded?

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