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Package Management: APT for RPM

I have been a big fan of ap­t4rpm ev­er since I worked at Conec­ti­va (the guys who cre­at­ed the thing).

Man­ag­ing Red Hat and Fe­do­ra servers with­out it would be a PI­TA.

Sad­ly, I see lots of peo­ple who don't know about it, or know, but don't use it to its fullest. So, here's a few tip­s...

Shopping for a notebook

Ok, I want to re­tire my note­book. It's about to turn 10 years old, which is about 270 in note­book years, so it's time.

I've been re­search­ing a bit, and here's my re­quire­ments:

  • Cheap. About USD 950 would be fine

  • Smal­l.

  • Light.

  • Enough pow­er to run KDE de­­cen­t­­ly.

  • Should work with lin­ux. Noth­ing very fan­­cy, but it be­ing able to sus­pend would be nice ;-)

  • DVD read­­er, CD writ­er. DVD writ­er would be nicer but con­sid­er cost.

I've been look­ing ten­der­ly at a Av­er­atec 3220. It seems to ful­fill all the re­quire­ments ex­cept it seems not to work so well with Lin­ux.

Be­fore any­one say it's not pow­er­ful enough: My desk­top has a slow­er CPU (A Duron) and I like it just fine.

The screen is rather small­ish, but that's part of be­ing small and light, I con­sid­er the 12" screen a plus.

If any­one knows of a bet­ter sys­tem in this price range (the Av­er­atec can be found for about USD 890 or so), or of a cheap­er way to get one, please com­ment here!

Linux packages the not so easy way

Are you us­ing a RPM or DEB based sys­tem? Are you us­ing a pro­gram and can't find it in pack­aged for­m?

Are you tired of won­der­ing what pro­gram you don't use any­more in­stalled all that crap in /us­r/lo­cal?

Then this ar­ti­cle is for you. Learn how to cre­ate your own RPM­s, that you can lat­er unin­stal­l, up­grade, and share with oth­er com­put­ers and user­s, with­out much of a headache, thanks to check­in­stal­l.

Back in the saddle

Should start post­ing stuff again now. Wait, this is a post! Talk about a self­-­ful­fill­ing prophe­cy!

Lots of things hap­pened in this very long break, so I won't both­er even men­tion­ing any of them, ex­cept one, which I promised to.

I am in love. And I will, as promised (to her), post a lit­tle love let­ter in my blog, and in­vite com­ments.

Since the long post­less pe­ri­od prob­a­bly means no­body reads my page any­more ex­cept when find­ing it via google, I in­vite any­one read­ing it in plan­etkde or wherever, to go to my page us­ing the handy link that should be some­where around this tex­t, and post a com­ment if you wan­t.

Be nice, please, be­cause delet­ing com­ments from pycs is some­what of a chore.

And here it goes:

Rosar­i­o, I love you. Some­times you think I don't, but that's just be­cause my skills of fa­cial and ver­bal ex­pres­sion are aw­ful. I love you when you act sil­ly, or pout, or say wild stuff.

I don't love you be­cause you pout or act sil­ly, but pout­ing and sil­ly­ness is sim­ply the ac­cen­t, love­li­ness is the lan­guage that you speak, and I can't do any­ht­ing but lis­ten to it.

These last two months have been most­ly hap­py for me, and when they weren't, they were hap­pi­er than they would have been with­out you, and I hope you felt the same thing.

Now you blush, girl.

Com­ming soon, the usu­al tech­ni­cal driv­el.

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