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Nikola 3 is out and it is good.

I just re­leased ver­sion 3 of my stat­ic site gen­er­a­tor, Niko­la

It's a ma­jor re­lease, there is hard­ly any code from the pre­vi­ous ver­sion that was not moved, prod­ded, bro­ken or fixed!

The main fea­tures of Niko­la:

  • Blogs, with tags, feed­s, archives, com­­ments, etc.

  • Themable

  • Fast build­s, thanks to doit

  • Flex­i­ble

  • Small code­base (pro­­gram­mers can un­der­­s­tand all of Niko­la in a few hours)

  • re­Struc­­tured­­Text and Mark­­down as in­­put lan­guages

  • Easy im­age gal­­leries (just drop files in a fold­er!)

  • Syn­­tax high­­­light­ing for al­­most any pro­­gram­ming lan­guage or markup

  • Mul­ti­lin­gual sites

  • Does­n't rein­vent wheel­s, lev­er­ages ex­ist­ing tool­s.

Changes for this re­lease (not ex­haus­tive!):

  • New op­­tion­al tem­­plate ar­gu­­ment for "niko­la init"

  • New "in­stal­l_the­me" task

  • Op­­tion­al ad­­dress op­­tion for the "serve" task

  • Bet­ter look­ing code­blocks

  • Rus­sian tran­s­la­­tion

  • Use mark­­down/reSt com­pil­er based on post ex­ten­­sion

  • Don't fail when there are no post­s/s­­to­ries/­­gal­­leries/­­tags

  • Use con­­fig­u­ra­­tion op­­tions as de­pen­­den­­cies

  • Use more rel­a­­tive links for eas­i­er site rel­lo­ca­­tion

  • Syn­­tax high­­­light for mark­­down

  • Bet­ter mul­ti­­core builds (make the -n 2 or -n 4 op­­tions work)

  • Con­­fig­urable out­­put fold­er

  • Don't fail on posts with pe­ri­ods in the name

  • Dif­fer­­ent page names for dif­fer­­ent lan­guages

  • Rec­og­nize (some) Mako tem­­plate de­pen­­den­­cies

  • Is now a more "nor­­mal" python pack­­age.

Lo Debo Estar Haciendo Mal

¿Y qué re­ci­bo a cam­bio? Gen­te que me pre­gun­ta si me pa­sa al­go, y me ofre­ce ayu­da. Es injus­to pa­ra ello­s, por­que no de­be­rían te­ner que so­por­tar los malhu­mo­res de cual­quier pe­lo­tu­do, in­clu­yén­do­me. Lo úni­co que pue­do de­ci­r, a ma­ne­ra de ex­cu­sa, es que mi mu­jer no tra­ba­ja más al la­do mío.

Si es­tu­vie­ra ahí, y me vie­ra ac­tuan­do así, me ba­ja del pony de un so­pa­po. No ne­ce­si­ta de­cir­me na­da, me mi­ra, me acuer­do que soy un bo­lu­do con suer­te, y lis­to. Así que vol­vió, me dí cuen­ta que soy un bo­lu­do con suer­te, y se me pa­só.

Así que si fuí un bo­lu­do con vos ho­y, o cual­quier otro día, per­dón chan­go. Soy me­dio pe­lo­tu­do con la gen­te a ve­ce­s. Pe­ro soy un pe­lo­tu­do con suer­te, y cuan­do no me ol­vi­do, creo que soy mas o me­nos aguan­ta­ble.

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