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Juan Francisco llegó / Juan Francisco is here


Bilin­gual post for ev­ery­one that reads this

Juan Fran­cis­co was born on April 18 at 8:51 AM He was born weigh­ing 3.700Kg

As ex­pect­ed, he's a very pret­ty baby, and both him and the moth­er are do­ing just fine. He was born with a high red blood cell coun­t, but that has been fixed, and is in the moth­er's room and feed­ing nor­mal­ly.

I am pret­ty much shocked to be a fa­ther, but I'm lov­ing it (and him) so far.

Some pic­tures here.

Men­saje bil­ingüe para los que lean es­to

Juan Fran­cis­co nació el 18 de abril a las 8:51 AM Nació pe­san­do 3 ki­los 700.

Co­mo es­perábamos es un be­bé her­moso, y tan­to él co­mo la madre es­tán muy bi­en. Nació con un ex­ce­so de glóbu­los ro­jos, pero ya es­tá bi­en, en la habitación con la madre y al­i­men­tán­dose nor­mal­mente.

Es­toy sor­pren­di­do de ser padre, pero has­ta aho­ra la es­toy pasan­do bi­en y en­am­ora­do de mi hi­jo.

Fo­tos aquí

Nervous right now...­cause in ex­act­ly 8 hours Rosario and I will en­ter the op­er­a­tion room for a c-­sec­tion, which will de­liv­er our first son, Juan Fran­cis­co Alsi­na Guer­rero.

I don't ex­pect to be avail­able for the next 48 hours, of course.

Pic­tures, maybe video, com­ing up in a few days.

Y el gurú bajó de la montaña y dijo...

... bueno, el gurú dice muchas cosas, pero en par­tic­u­lar, César Bal­lar­di­ni aca­ba de in­au­gu­rar su pro­pio blog, http://ka­tra.blogsavy.­com/

Ni idea de qué va a hablar, pero es una per­sona que pro­gra­ma Forth para di­ver­tirse, así que es se­gu­ra­mente al­go in­tere­sante.

This post is in span­ish be­cause so is César's blog.

New project: Tobogan

As a re­sult of my play­ing with mootools and cre­at­ing pow­er­point-style slideshows on web­pages from re­struc­tured tex­t, I am pret­ty much de­cid­ed about turn­ing this in­to a stan­dalone, re­al ap­pli­ca­tion.

I am do­ing a PyQt4 fron­tend, and re­struc­tured text ad­dons to gen­er­ate the slides.

The na­tive file for­mat is re­struc­tured text it­self, and it sup­ports ba­sic tran­si­tions be­tween slides.

It still needs a ton of work, but here is a video show­ing how it looks af­ter a cou­ple of days hack­ing. You can see the cur­rent UI, a doc­u­men­t's source, and a demon­stra­tion us­ing fire­fox (on­ly be­cause Kon­qy does­n't sup­pose opac­i­ty, the rest of the tran­si­tions work even bet­ter on Kon­queror)

It's Og­g/The­o­ra and 3MB (thanks openo­my.­com!): the video

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