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Son of BartleBlog XIV: Moo

A new gad­get: Mootools based menus.

It takes the same da­ta for­mat I used for the Ya­hoo UI menubar, and cre­ates a dy­nam­ic, slid­ing, an­i­mat­ed, pret­ty, work­s-on-­l­ynx menu.

No screen­shot be­cause it makes no sense with­out the move­men­t. You can see it at the top of the side­bar (click on the dark­er item­s, out­side the links... that needs work).

And yes, that means this blog has, right now, two menus with ex­act­ly the same da­ta in them. And on a non-JS brows­er both are ful­ly ex­pand­ed.

But that's just tem­po­rary ;-)

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