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Planet KDE suggestion

Boudewi­jn Remp­t's blog is at the link, it has a RSS feed, and he's hack­ing Kri­ta.

Where can one mail sug­ges­tions for plan­etkde blogs?

Clee, why not check bartleblog?

It work­s, the code is on­ly 50% evil, and sup­ports sev­er­al blog­ging in­ter­faces via XML­R­PC.

I haven't done any­thing with it for a while, be­cause I use PyD­S's web in­ter­face (handi­er to use re­mote­ly), but with some lov­ing, it could be­come a semi-re­al app pret­ty soon ;-)

Good news, Bad news

Good news: It seems I have been ac­cept­ed to teach a PyQt tu­to­ri­al at akade­my.

Bad news: a kit­ten I had adopt­ed last mon­day died on sat­ur­day night. She was a sick kit­ten, and had a res­pi­ra­to­ry in­fec­tion. An­tibi­otics helped for a few days, she looked very hap­py on fri­day, but on sat­ur­day she woke up weak­er, and noth­ing I or the vet­eri­nar­i­an did helped.

She died on my lap that night.

I am a grown up, and I had on­ly had her for 5 days, so this should­n't be im­por­tant at al­l, but it is :-(

Late congress report

Last week, I gave a con­fer­ence [1] about KDE in the first free soft­ware con­gress of Ar­genti­na.

I can't even re­mem­ber how many "first(what­ev­er)lin­ux" of "first(what­ev­er)free soft­ware(­mum­ble)" events I have at­tend­ed. one of these days, I ex­pect to at­tend a sec­ond, and in a decade or so a third, but it seems orgniz­ing one of these things, even when they work nice­ly, is tir­ing work.

This one was or­ga­nized by Usuar­ia, a non-prof­it for com­put­ing dif­fu­sion [2] , and they had some in­ter­est­ing spon­sors, in­clud­ing Red Hat, Sun, and Mi­cro­soft.

Yes, that Mi­cro­soft.

Sad­ly, I could­n't as­sist the con­fer­ence by the MS ex­ec­u­tive, be­cause I missed about half of the con­gress for work.

My KDE stuff was shown at a small­er room, about 35/40 peo­ple. Since there was very lit­tle time (45 min­utes) and I want­ed to keep some for Q&A, I most­ly showed sim­ple stuff, like DCOP, some of the new app­s, like Quan­ta.

I spoke a lot about rather the philo­soph­i­cal thrust of KDE de­vel­op­men­t, how KDE tends to search for a tech­no­log­i­cal so­lu­tion to the UI prob­lem­s, on the grounds that lat­er, when ev­ery­one is us­ing the API, if the UI changes and the API does­n't ev­ery­one win­s.

Noth­ing spe­cial, re­al­ly, and not one of my best ones, so my ear­li­er nervio­sism was war­rant­ed ;-)

I at­tend­ed some oth­er con­fer­ences, I re­mem­ber one about com­par­ing MTAs (he called Qmail dif­fi­cult, so I did­n't like it much ;-), one about Free Soft­ware eco­nom­ics by a guy from Maas­tricht [3] which was quite good.

An­oth­er one was by a Nov­ell ex­ec­u­tive, who spoke about J2EE and .NET from a free soft­ware per­spec­tive.

Or rather, spoke about J2EE for a while, then men­tioned Mono be­cause he was run­ning out of time ;-)

I met my third KDE de­vel­op­er! [4] Pu­peno was there. Pu­peno: you look like a younger, red­head­ed RM­S. And your pants made me dizzy.

I could­n't tell you that per­son­al­ly. I like them :-)

I could tell this was a Lin­ux even be­cause hlf the peo­ple there had longer hair and/or longer beards than I do, when in reg­u­lar events it's un­like­ly 10% do.

Met a few of the old fel­lows from my LUG in San­ta Fe, one of them seems to en­joy suits now ;-)

But I bet since a few para­graphs above ev­ery­one is still hav­ing the word Mi­cro­soft bounc­ing in his head.

Yes, they were a spon­sor. Fur­ther: they were, by far, the largest one.

I got a Mi­cro­soft pen, a copy of Unix Ser­vices for Unix, a brochure, and a can­vas bag with Mi­crosoft­'s lo­go em­broi­dered.

Said bag is now the bed of my new kit­ten, Nini, which I adopt­ed mon­day (but that's an­oth­er sto­ry).

UP­DATE: Some­one who was there re­mind­ed me that I al­so got a box con­tain­ing a fair­ly nice tukey sand­wich, a brown­ie, and a small bot­tle of co­ca co­la, so, thank you, Mi­crosoft!

And no, I did­n't have to sign any­thing to get the sand­wich, not a NDA, not a li­cense, and no, it was­n't wrapped in a bag say­ing "if you open this bag you agree..."

There goes Captain Beto, through space!

Here is a new re­al­time PyQt tu­to­ri­al. For those who have not seen the first one, here's the main idea:

  • I de­­cide I want to write some­thing

  • I write it (some­what) quick­­­ly.

  • I write a de­scrip­­tion of what I am do­ing, as I am do­ing it, and slap some time­s­tamp­s.

In this par­tic­u­lar in­stance, on a dis­cus­sion at the dot I had to open my mouth about how writ­ing a spa­tial file man­ag­er is easy.

Well, here's a piece of one. In par­tic­u­lar, it's a sort of sim­ple spa­tial file brows­er since it does­n't man­age files at al­l, but it's a start ;-)

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