2004-06-04 21:51

Late congress report

Last week, I gave a conference [1] about KDE in the first free software congress of Argentina.

I can't even remember how many "first(whatever)linux" of "first(whatever)free software(mumble)" events I have attended. one of these days, I expect to attend a second, and in a decade or so a third, but it seems orgnizing one of these things, even when they work nicely, is tiring work.

This one was organized by Usuaria, a non-profit for computing diffusion [2] , and they had some interesting sponsors, including Red Hat, Sun, and Microsoft.

Yes, that Microsoft.

Sadly, I couldn't assist the conference by the MS executive, because I missed about half of the congress for work.

My KDE stuff was shown at a smaller room, about 35/40 people. Since there was very little time (45 minutes) and I wanted to keep some for Q&A, I mostly showed simple stuff, like DCOP, some of the new apps, like Quanta.

I spoke a lot about rather the philosophical thrust of KDE development, how KDE tends to search for a technological solution to the UI problems, on the grounds that later, when everyone is using the API, if the UI changes and the API doesn't everyone wins.

Nothing special, really, and not one of my best ones, so my earlier nerviosism was warranted ;-)

I attended some other conferences, I remember one about comparing MTAs (he called Qmail difficult, so I didn't like it much ;-), one about Free Software economics by a guy from Maastricht [3] which was quite good.

Another one was by a Novell executive, who spoke about J2EE and .NET from a free software perspective.

Or rather, spoke about J2EE for a while, then mentioned Mono because he was running out of time ;-)

I met my third KDE developer! [4] Pupeno was there. Pupeno: you look like a younger, redheaded RMS. And your pants made me dizzy.

I couldn't tell you that personally. I like them :-)

I could tell this was a Linux even because hlf the people there had longer hair and/or longer beards than I do, when in regular events it's unlikely 10% do.

Met a few of the old fellows from my LUG in Santa Fe, one of them seems to enjoy suits now ;-)

But I bet since a few paragraphs above everyone is still having the word Microsoft bouncing in his head.

Yes, they were a sponsor. Further: they were, by far, the largest one.

I got a Microsoft pen, a copy of Unix Services for Unix, a brochure, and a canvas bag with Microsoft's logo embroidered.

Said bag is now the bed of my new kitten, Nini, which I adopted monday (but that's another story).

UPDATE: Someone who was there reminded me that I also got a box containing a fairly nice tukey sandwich, a brownie, and a small bottle of coca cola, so, thank you, Microsoft!

And no, I didn't have to sign anything to get the sandwich, not a NDA, not a license, and no, it wasn't wrapped in a bag saying "if you open this bag you agree..."

[1] Is there a less pretentious word in english for this? In spanish I say I give a "charla" which means a conversation, a chat. Of course in english that's not right.
[2] No, I don't know what they do, although I gave classes in their classrooms for 6 months)
[3] Where D'Artagnan died (if he had existed, of course)
[4] Yes, I have only ever met three guys involved in KDE development. That makes one every 1.5 years.


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