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Ha! Money!

Ok, fake mon­ey, but the ar­ti­cles page is worth $26,550.04, while the we­blog one is worth $1000 just like an emp­ty wi­ki.

Here's the evo­lu­tion (click for larg­er ver­sion)

Some peo­ple have waaaaaay too much free time :-)

Slow day

So, I'm on­ly post­ing out of dis­ci­pline.

Looks like I will fi­nal­ly de­liv­er a prod­uct that has been fin­ished for a long time. Let's hope it does­n't crash and burn too soon.

Fighting Spam with Qmail (part I)

Well, what the ti­tle says, most­ly :-)

How to in­te­grate qmail and spa­mas­sas­s­in, so your mail gets fil­tered, try­ing to keep it sim­ple.

Writing YAT

Yet An­oth­er Tu­to­ri­al. This time, it should be about writ­ing apps for KDE that re­ly on DBs to han­dle their da­ta.

This is most­ly be­cause of the re­ac­tions to my pro­pos­al to in­clude qsqlite in kdelib­s.

Maybe se­ing that the code is sim­ple will help make it seem use­ful.

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