2004-05-21 22:59

Bedazzled By Bejeweled!

My Sony Clie came with a game called Bejeweled.

I have played 450 games of bejeweled in the last 72 hours.

This game is:

  1. Simple
  2. Addictive
  3. Evil

I feel like a hamster on a wheel. Or like a rat in a maze. I can almost feel new connections in my brain cortex, as my subconscious brain is taught to react without rational thought to the sight of three almost-touching coloured thingies.

My current high score: 49980 points

Update: Someone has apparently scored 10026350 . I feel so small.

2004-05-21 20:21

Qmail Address Lister

It has been way too long without posting a longer item, so... I recicled a script I wrote for a customer, and here it is:

A python script that lists (almost) all email addresses in a qmail system.

Also, a slightly tweaked CSS, thanks to Georg!

2004-05-19 17:26

The Roberto KDE Show

I will be speaking at the Primer Congreso Nacional de Software Libre on May 27th, at 15:00.

Now, I am not all that thrilled about it, since it's a commercial event and I am not getting any money for it, but it's a chance to show KDE, and I am a pretty good demo guy.

However, look at the sponsor list: IBM, HP, Sun, Novell, and Microsoft.

Yeah, Microsoft.

So, I did whine a little to the organizers, about how this was not exactly a free software event, and that I didn't just speak for free for anyone who asked me.

Well, they told me that the sponsors pay, but it's a free software event, and that I am important for the event, as a member of the free software movement, or whatever.

Ok, since it's like all other free software events, I am now considering wardrobe.

Jeans and T-Shirt is an obvious choice. I use that even on commercial events.

But... what t-shirt? Here's one good candidate.

I specially like the "KILL BILL" model because it shows my combined admiration for Linux And Quentin Tarantino.

Too bad I can't order a t-shirt from North America. I will have to gimp it, hope they don't mind!

2004-05-19 16:48

Ok, I always preferred Mindi anyway!

Found this here.

Nice stuff about the Mork file format Mozilla is using for some stuff. Nice if you like pain, that is.

Here's JWZ's original blog specially read the comments.

Here's the associated bugzilla entry.

Just because I'm whimsical, Mindi is a Linux distribution, used by Mondo.

And just because I am a free software guy:

I have no idea what Konqueror does about its history file, but it seems Mozilla is now storing mail in Mork format? That's gonna hurt if you ever want to import it from some other app!

2004-05-18 15:46

Perl programmers!

I am debugging a perl program written by someone else.

Here's all I am going to say about it:

  1. For someone with a hammer, everything looks like a nail.
  2. For a sufficiently advanced hammer, everyhing is indistinguishable from a nail.
  3. Perl is a sufficiently advanced hammer. It probably can do anything. It is not a pretty sight, though.

2004-05-17 17:43

My new, great, weird PDA

Ok, so, as I said, I bought myself a Sony Clie PEG-SJ30.

Just for good habit, I decided to go to Sony's website and check if there were any updates on the software for it, or whatever.

Mine is a PEG-SJ30/U model. Sony has never heard of it. If you check for it in Sony's product support DB, it says it's a bad model name.

Everywhere you gonna find pictures of the PEG-SJ30 and will see a silver-plastic case.

Well, mine has a teal-and-black plastic case.

The one you see everywhere has a flip-top nylon screen cover.

Mine has a (sony original) book-shaped leather cover (I don't like it, it's way too thick).

Oh, sure, it exists, you can find it in google, but it seems it's a very unusual model. It works great, though.

2004-05-16 10:56

Troy (not McClure)

I saw Troy last night. I live close to the Atlas theater, which sports the largest screen in South America (although, sadly, no THX sound), which is well suited for this kind of thing.

And it is a traditional movie. It´s like Cleopatra, only the girl can´t act and the guy is not a middle-aged alcoholic.

I think Ebert got it right when he said that the actors are trying to make their characters human, and it´s counterproductive because the characters in the Iliad are not human, they are archetypes.

It´s a damn greek tragedy! The whole idea of greek tragedy is men without will being thrown into their fates by evil gods. I wonder how the greeks managed to stay religious considering all their deities seem to be bastards.

On the other hand, Bana as Hector was ok. He has that what the hell am I doing here look a character in tragedy would have if he at the same time was aware of what he is doing, thinks it´s nuts but can´t stop it, which I think is how anyone would look if the gods forced him to go fight hand to hand against a guy that´s supposed to be invulnerable, while a thousand nice archers who are on your side just look.

What distracted me most during the movie is how modern military ideas made the logistics of the troy siege incomprehensible. For example, the landing is like a Delta-Day: D-Day with greeks. Saving Private Achilles. Any half-not-braindead guy would decide that maybe it was a better idea to lad a few kilometers away in a non-defended coast, take over a few farms, whatever. But no, they land smack in front of Troy. The boats are rammed into the beach. You know what that does to a flat-bottom greek boat? (I am assuming they were flat-bottomed, or it´s just too stupid).

Those things were pretty fragile. And if the tide was low, they would flood and sink as soon as it went up.

There is a reason why the amphibious troop transport ship was invented: you can´t do that with regular seagoing ships.

Then they don´t surround Troy. So, any Trojan that felt like fleeing could use a secondary gate and walk away from it all.

Oh, and just for kicks, the greek camp is at the bottom of a hill.

Not to mention massed armies running at each other over hundreds of meters. Marching was invented because if you do that, you are already tired when you get there. And fighting with bronze-age sword, spear and shield is a tiresome job!

Ok, I admit that 50000 greeks walking wouldn´t be so cinematographically exciting, but hey, I am just whining here.

Oh, and it seems the siege lasted all of a month. I wonder why the trojans didn*t just sleep through it. Ok, they are supposed to be morons, with the horse and all that.

But don´t get me wrong, I have seen much worse movies, like return of the lobster man or eyes wide shut. It´s just that Homer (or as he is known in Hades, "Spinning Guy") wrote a rather fun epic poem, and it really didn´t need all that much tampering.

2004-05-13 12:10

Fun with referers

A long while ago, I posted a silly article explaining what was first, the egg or the chicken. Noone seemed to notice until now.

Anyone reads estonian, cares to translate?

Estonian stuff

On a similar note: according to my zeitgeist this blog is mostly about nerdy stuff, and hinges.

So, here's another way to fool google. Pick a word noone cares about, and write an article about something popular while using a metaphor which has the useless word in it.

Suddenly, you are the number one google link for that word. This site has been, according to google, the place to go for information about hinges, for months already.

2004-05-11 19:24

Kill Bill Vol. 2

As I mentioned, I saw Kill Bill Vol. 2.

While I enjoyed Volume 1's childish notion of grandeur by accumulation, I must confess I was waiting for that emotional moment, like S. Jackson's monologue at the Diner in Pulp Fiction.

Or the whatheheck moment like the death of Robert de Niro's character in Jackie Brown.

Or even the goofy quarter-pounder-with-cheese moment.

But all I got in Volume 1 was Uma Thurman in the slick Bruce Lee outfit, blood, Yakuzas, and the brass of RZA's version of "Battle without honour".

Which is not exactly a small amount of things to get, don't get me wrong, but not quite what I wished for.

And much later I started reading the reviews for Volume 2, and it seemed a more QT flick, and I like those, and I saw it.

And it's good. And it has the quater-pounder-with-cheese moment (Superman), and the whattheheck moment (Elle's), and it has the emotional moment (a lot of them), even if they are darker, and let's face it, basically evil.

So, there's a lot I liked. I was even happy about David Carradine's part (although his lisp drove me nuts (and I don't mean LISP (I mean he says yeth instead of yes))).

BTW: I read on a newspaper an excerpt from an interview he did for Uncut magazine... he's one crazy guy.

The Pai Mei stuff is hilarious. Michael Madsen's Budd is awesome. The very picture of moral decadence wrapped around the nastiest little-brother syndrome ever.

So, I actually quite loved this movie. It's not my favourite QT flick ever (that's Pulp Fiction, then Jackie Brown), but it's a hell of a lot better than almost everything else I saw in the last year or so.

All I want to know is what happened to Sofie Fatale (cheesiest name ever for a french character), and I would be happy as a clam.

2004-05-10 15:46

Checking old stuff

I looked at my old stories, and found some rather new comments :-)

In my Squid authentication via POP or IMAP article, Edwin Groothuis asked for it to be updated for Squid 2.5. Which is pretty reasonable, so I did it ;-)

And plovs, at 04:00:27 AM on April 05, 2004 posted the first comment on the very first article I ever posted here, Simple KDE Trick #1 (first and last of the series ;-).

That first feedback only took... 14 months and 4 days, since the article was posted on March 1st 2003.

Isn't it amazing how nothing is ever lost?

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