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py2html trial

In the python list­ing at the end of the ar­ti­cle, I ap­plied py2html so it would get syn­tax high­light­ing.

In mozil­la it looks ok, in Kon­queror it flows over the box.

I won­der if that's how it's sup­posed to work and it on­ly looks well in Mozil­la by ac­ci­den­t.

The Right Stuff

A four-­part ar­ti­cle about Mur­phy's law, but it's not about sil­ly thrice-derived wit­ti­cism­s, it's about the guys who where around when it was in­vent­ed, Ed­wards Air Force Base.

Even Chuck Yea­ger is in it.

If you like this, though, get The Right Stuff by Tom Wolfe, it's bet­ter and much longer ( but it has no ref­er­ence to the law, IIRC ;-).

Look at these cameras

They are reg­u­lar PAL TV cam­eras, 704x576, and that is a reg­u­lar CD.

I am de­vel­op­ing a se­cu­ri­ty cam­era so­lu­tion based on Lin­ux and mo­tion, and well, the gad­gets are just too nifty :-)

One of those is in­frared and can shoot in the dark. It even has LEDs to il­lu­mi­nate (in in­frared, so you can't see).

Para­noids must hate tech­nol­o­gy nowa­days!

That's so ... early 90s

Ok, ev­ery­one writes what pleas­es him, but... cod­ing a Mo­tif desk­top in the 21st cen­tu­ry?

And not for an ob­scene amount of mon­ey?

At least noone can say Jef­frey E. Be­dard is a fol­low­er. He is do­ing his own thing!

This is what I thought about when I saw the an­nounce­men­t. You can try it, too.

Is­n't it amaz­ing how noth­ing ev­er goes away? :-)

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