2004-03-01 14:36

Opening and Saving Files made easier.

I implemented a (hopefully) reasonable open/save logic, supporting encryption, compression, ( and encrypted compression ;-) atomic saves.

Since almost every app can use this, why not make it a module?

2004-02-28 11:21

Logical proof of god´s existence... I don´t think so.

While I won´t claim to be a Ph D. in mathematics, and not event a self proclaimed Platonist Philosopher as Dr. Hatcher

But I know what´s wrong with his proof.

While it doesn´t fall into the infinite regress, it falls into something similar.

Since the universe is a composite and can not be the cause of its components, there must be an external cause... ok.

By definition, if there is the universe and Dr. Hatcher´s G element, then there is a second metauniverse, containing G and our universe.

In that metauniverse, G can not be created by the metauniverse, since it´s a component of it. So there must be a G´ which created G.

If we decide, as he did, that G is self-created instead, why can´t every quark be self-created?

Why can´t there be just a dozen quarks, moving through time, and we see him many times because he crossed our position in time many times?

Are you willing to have a quark as your god? :-)

2004-02-28 11:04

Nice font

Gentium. Very readable. Free usage.

2004-02-28 10:05

Niiiiiiice..... :-)

You can read my latest article in vietnamese ... I think.

Too bad they removed my name from it. At least the link was kept. I am pretty liberal regarding reproduction of what I post, but please:

  • Keep my name in it
  • Put a link back
  • Make changes clear

2004-02-27 16:12

Cool Linux News Site

Do you miss the old LinuxToday.com of 4,5 years ago? Do you miss the old LWN.net of a 2 years ago?

Do you know what they had in common? Dave Whitinger. Do you know what he's doing now?

Well, a Linux news site!

It's http://www.lxer.com and it's really really good.

For one thing, unlike LinuxToday.com, the page layout doesn't make you read the articels in a 2-inch strip between 6 inches of ads and boxes ( But I still like LinuxToday, I just submitted an article there minutes ago! :-)

2004-02-27 14:33

The Linux Booting Process Unveiled

After a while without any original content, here's a description of the Linux booting process (SystemV variant).

The idea was for it to be both simple and comprehensive. Let me know if it isn't!

2004-02-27 11:58

footnote test

First footnote [1] Second footnote [2]

[1] First one
[2] Another one

Footnotes weren't broken, I was!


.. [#]


.. _[#]

And of course, you can only do this if you disable cheetah, which I hadn't done.

2004-02-26 17:16

Useful qmail patch

Adds tarpitting to qmail-smtpd, which is almost mandatory for a modern large SMTP server.

Too bad it's not progressive tarpitting, but that's easy to fix :-)

Now all I need is a patch to make qmail-smtpd check local rcpt's validity and I'm completely trouble-free with it.

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