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    Reminded me of the books Neal Stephenson wrote when younger, which is a very high compliment. Awesome character development, lovely worldbuilding.

    Looks like having been an editor at io9 sort of guarantees you will write very well (based on a sample size of 2).

Lois Lane, Reporting

So, 9 years ago I wrote a post about how I would love a tool that took a JSON data file, a Mako template, and generated a report using reStructured Text.

If you don't like that, pretend it says YAML, Jinja2 and Markdown. Anyway, same idea. Reports are not some crazy difficult thing, unless you have very demanding layout or need to add a ton of logic.

And hey, if you do need to add a ton of logic, you do know python, so how hard can it be to add the missing bits?

Well, not very hard. So here it is, 9 years later because I am sitting at an auditorium and the guy giving the talk is having computer problems.

Lois Lane Reports from PyPI. and GitHub