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Urssus: July 24th

When I start­ed this project I wrote:

I in­tend to keep work­ing like this for a cou­ple of week­s, and see how far I can get in fea­ture par­i­ty to akre­ga­tor.

No, I don't ex­pect to reach fea­ture par­i­ty, I on­ly want to strive for it. SInce I lack the fo­cu­sand/or en­er­gy for a mul­ti year com­mit­ment it re­quires to write the av­er­age free soft­ware, I want to see how far a sprint gets me.

To my sur­prise, on­ly 9 days in­to the pro­jec­t, fea­ture par­i­ty is at hand.

What's not done?

  • Some feed prop­er­ties (cus­­tom ar­chiv­ing mod­­es, mark as read on ar­ri­val) (Up­­date: "mark as read­­on ar­ri­val" im­­ple­­men­t­ed at 22:40)

  • Fix ar­ti­­cle fil­ter­ing (it's not quite bro­ken, but in­­ter­acts bad­­ly with many things) (Up­­date: done as of 19:20)

  • Im­­ple­­ment app pre­f­er­ences di­a­log

  • Fil­ter­ing by ar­ti­­cle sta­­tus (Up­­date: im­­ple­­men­t­ed as of 19:01)

  • Fold­er-as-feed (Up­­date: done, as of 22:20, even if not re­al­­ly ef­­fi­­cien­t­­ly)

  • Ex­­port as OPML (Up­­date: just im­­ple­­men­t­ed it :-)

  • Fav­i­­cons

And some things in the back­end, which are not prop­er fea­tures.

What have I done to­day?

  • New ar­ti­­cles no­ti­­fi­­ca­­tion via systray

  • Cus­­tom up­­­date in­­ter­­vals per-feed

  • Made Feed.un­read­­­Coun­t() fast enough

  • Ar­ti­­cle sort­ing (not as triv­ial as it sound­s)

  • Fixed a lot of bugs (none of which crashed uRSSus, take that Akre­­ga­­tor! ;-)

And still I have writ­ten on­ly 1066 lines of code, ac­cord­ing to sloc­coun­t.

Up­date: 1127 lines with the ex­tra fea­tures marked above as "up­date"

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