2008-07-22 16:48

Urssus: July 22nd / looking good

Today it was a bit more than two hours, but spread in 10 minute chunks, which is not exactly efficient.


  • Rewrote the whole next/next unread/article/feed spaghetti in a decent way. It's broken regarding filtered/sorted article lists, but it's trivial to fix.
  • A few UI features:
    • Show only feeds with unread articles google-reader style
    • Show in dark red the unread articles
    • Show title / date of articles in separate columns
  • Implemented "Match case" for the search
  • Implemented dumb systray icon (need to make it useful)
  • Implemented article counts in folders (but not article lists which is, of course, harder)

And of course, a screenshot:


A bad side is that the main window takes about 3 seconds to appear, but I am pretty sure that's fixable reordering the startup code.


  • Feed CRUD
  • Post mark as (read/unread/important/whatever)
  • Filter by post status
  • Search in all feeds
  • Virtual feeds
  • Persistent settings
  • More aggressive feed fetching (now it's a single queue, should be a configurable number)
  • Lots of minor fixes

And it will be pretty much in feature parity with Akregator, and ready to start the packaging work. Not bad for a week of work (BTW: if anyone has any experience packaging PyQt stuff for windows/Mac I can use the help ;-).

Still fun (although tree traversing is starting to get quite annoying)


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