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Coming ideas

Nowa­days, the very lit­tle time I have for per­son­al projects is spent do­ing things like fix­ing lit­tle things and adding lit­tle fea­tures to Bartle­Blog 1 and think­ing how I could use GLE and mako tem­plates to cre­ate a cool nerdy tool to cre­ate chart­s.

How­ev­er, I will be hav­ing a lit­tle time for per­son­al projects in a cou­ple of week­s, and hav­ing stum­bled on­to chip­munk to­day re­al­ly got me think­ing.

It's a se­ri­ous­ly nifty 2D physics li­brary. Con­sid­er this de­mo video:

Now, what could pos­si­bly be done with it... I need to re­al­ly think.


What I use to post this.

KDE 4.0 beta1 released!

Which is usu­al­ly the point where I switch to new ver­sion­s...

BTW: Cnuth? Best re­lease name for KDE ... ev­er!

More about the Asus eee, and random venting.

As I post­ed be­fore I am pret­ty hyped about the Asus eee, the $199 lap­top.

Ok, maybe the $250 lap­top, ac­cord­ing to lat­est ru­mours.

Then again, I am not the on­ly one. Here's an in­ter­est­ing thread about what you could do with one of them.

Now, the ran­dom vent­ing:

A fair­ly large por­tion of Lin­ux users are very an­noy­ing. It's nor­mal, since a very large por­tion of hu­man­i­ty is an­noy­ing too.

How­ev­er, con­sid­er this post, which I will quote be­cause I refuse to link to it, about my cron/at ar­ti­cle:

GreyGeek - Sub­jec­t: An­oth­er "I hate Lin­ux" ar­ti­cle.... ( Jul 31, 2007, 17:18:34 )

Oh, yeah. That's what the ar­ti­cle looks like. A lin­ux hater's rant. Sure, I spent three hours do­ing re­search and writ­ing telling you half a dozen ways to make Lin­ux bet­ter (IM­N­VHO) be­cause I hate Lin­ux.

as if we aren't get­ting a FLOOD of them these days. I of­ten won­der if Mi­cro­soft has be­gan "do­nat­ing" Fer­rari lap­top to blog­gers who rant on Lin­ux.

At least the fer­rari lap­top match­es my car! Ac­ce­soriz­ing is im­por­tan­t!

I won­der if it's be­cause this guy did­n't un­der­stand a word I wrote? Or is he just para­noid? I know he's not the au­thor of cron (he once post­ed a com­ment here 1) so it's not a wound­ed ego or some­thing like that 2.


At least I think that was him. Why would any­one pre­tend to be Paul Vix­ie? Now how's that for name drop­ping. Has any­one else with a Wikipedia en­try left a com­ment in this blog?


And I don't ex­pect that ar­ti­cle to be hurt­ful, re­al­ly, or I would­n't have writ­ten it.

Better late than never

In 2005-04-04 I whined about a site called Sec­tion 6 pla­gia­riz­ing one of my ar­ti­cles (the al­ways pop­u­lar Lin­ux Boot­ing Process Un­veiled).

Well, yes­ter­day I found in my in­box an apol­o­gy from Kristo­pher Zent­ner, own­er of the site!

So, I can say Sec­tion6 1z n0t 7h3 5ux0rz n0vv!

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