2007-08-02 08:42

More about the Asus eee, and random venting.

As I posted before I am pretty hyped about the Asus eee, the $199 laptop.

Ok, maybe the $250 laptop, according to latest rumours.

Then again, I am not the only one. Here's an interesting thread about what you could do with one of them.

Now, the random venting:

A fairly large portion of Linux users are very annoying. It's normal, since a very large portion of humanity is annoying too.

However, consider this post, which I will quote because I refuse to link to it, about my cron/at article:

GreyGeek - Subject: Another "I hate Linux" article.... ( Jul 31, 2007, 17:18:34 )

Oh, yeah. That's what the article looks like. A linux hater's rant. Sure, I spent three hours doing research and writing telling you half a dozen ways to make Linux better (IMNVHO) because I hate Linux.

as if we aren't getting a FLOOD of them these days. I often wonder if Microsoft has began "donating" Ferrari laptop to bloggers who rant on Linux.

At least the ferrari laptop matches my car! Accesorizing is important!

I wonder if it's because this guy didn't understand a word I wrote? Or is he just paranoid? I know he's not the author of cron (he once posted a comment here [1]) so it's not a wounded ego or something like that [2].

[1] At least I think that was him. Why would anyone pretend to be Paul Vixie? Now how's that for name dropping. Has anyone else with a Wikipedia entry left a comment in this blog?
[2] And I don't expect that article to be hurtful, really, or I wouldn't have written it.


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