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BOP: Ball Oriented programming

Some of you may be fa­mil­iar with weird pro­gram­ming lan­guages. Some of you may even know about bidi­men­sion­al lan­guages. Some of you may have seen Flip, where com­pu­ta­tion is per­formed by balls bounc­ing off things.

Now you can see Flip us­ing Qt. My Ra-Flip in­ter­preter. I wrote it in a lark af­ter find­ing out about Flip in Good Math, Bad Math and shares no code with the orig­i­nal, but it's a sim­ple lan­guage ;-)

It's al­most fea­ture-­com­plete. Miss­ing are:

  • Lev­­els (to make it three­­d­i­­men­­sion­al)

  • In­­put

  • Start-stop-­­pause-de­lay con­trols

Here is the manda­to­ry screen­shot:


But that re­al­ly does­n't do it jus­tice, so here's a video:

The fun starts around 35 sec­onds in. The pro­gram prints an in­fi­nite se­ries of even num­bers and stores odd num­bers in a ... I am not sure how to call that. A cir­cuit?

I may think about writ­ing a some­thing-­to-Flip com­pil­er, so you can write your pro­grams in some sort of sim­plis­tic im­per­a­tive lan­guage and then see them as a pin­ball ma­chine.

It may be cute if an artist could spend a few hours mak­ing nicer gad­get­s, be­fore I do it (it won't be pret­ty ;-)

And yes, this is prob­a­bly the most use­less pro­gram writ­ten us­ing Qt, right there with kyes.

Juan Francisco en casa

An­oth­er bilin­gual post / Otro post bil­ingüe


Last post about JF for a while at least

He had to spend a cou­ple of days un­der a lamp to de­crease his bilir­ru­bin but he's at home breast­feed­ing well, and do­ing just fine.

The moth­er is in some pain be­cause of the surgery, but get­ting bet­ter.

And I don't even mind chang­ing di­a­per­s. Even heavy ones. Which was some­thing I was not re­al­ly sure about ;-)

More pic­tures here.

Ul­ti­mo post so­bre JF por un tiem­po.

Tu­vo que pasar un par de días ba­jo una lám­para para ba­jar la bilir­ru­bi­na pero ya es­tá en casa ma­man­do bi­en, y es­tá bár­baro.

La madre es­tá un poco do­lori­da por la cirugía, pero mejo­ran­do.

Y no me mo­les­ta cam­biar pañales, ni siquiera los car­ga­dos. Que no es­ta­ba de­masi­a­do se­guro ;-)

Mas fo­tos aquí.

Juan Francisco llegó / Juan Francisco is here


Bilin­gual post for ev­ery­one that reads this

Juan Fran­cis­co was born on April 18 at 8:51 AM He was born weigh­ing 3.700Kg

As ex­pect­ed, he's a very pret­ty baby, and both him and the moth­er are do­ing just fine. He was born with a high red blood cell coun­t, but that has been fixed, and is in the moth­er's room and feed­ing nor­mal­ly.

I am pret­ty much shocked to be a fa­ther, but I'm lov­ing it (and him) so far.

Some pic­tures here.

Men­saje bil­ingüe para los que lean es­to

Juan Fran­cis­co nació el 18 de abril a las 8:51 AM Nació pe­san­do 3 ki­los 700.

Co­mo es­perábamos es un be­bé her­moso, y tan­to él co­mo la madre es­tán muy bi­en. Nació con un ex­ce­so de glóbu­los ro­jos, pero ya es­tá bi­en, en la habitación con la madre y al­i­men­tán­dose nor­mal­mente.

Es­toy sor­pren­di­do de ser padre, pero has­ta aho­ra la es­toy pasan­do bi­en y en­am­ora­do de mi hi­jo.

Fo­tos aquí

Nervous right now...­cause in ex­act­ly 8 hours Rosario and I will en­ter the op­er­a­tion room for a c-­sec­tion, which will de­liv­er our first son, Juan Fran­cis­co Alsi­na Guer­rero.

I don't ex­pect to be avail­able for the next 48 hours, of course.

Pic­tures, maybe video, com­ing up in a few days.

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