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2009-05-15 00:01

Released rst2pdf 0.10!

After 8 months (!) it's finally out: rst2pdf 0.10 ready for downloading from its homepage.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, rst2pdf lets you create PDF files from a simple, very lightly marked pure text format called restructured text and is the easiest way to create nice documentation for your free software project and more!

Here is the manual which is created using rst2pdf itself from this.

And here's a (maybe partial) list of the changes, which should convince you that you really want this version:

  • Issue 87: Table headers can be repeated in each page (thanks to Yasushi Masuda)
  • Issue 93: Line number support for code blocks (:linenos: true)
  • Issue 111: Added --no-footnote-backlinks option
  • Issue 107: Support localized directives/roles (example: sommaire instead of contents)
  • Issue 112: Fixed crash when processing empty list items
  • Issue 98: Nobreak support, and set as default for inline-literals so they don't hyphenate.
  • Slightly better tests
  • Background colors in text styles work with reportlab 2.3
  • Issue 99: Fixed hyphenation in headers/footers (requires wordaxe 0.3.2)
  • Issue 106: Crash on demo.txt fixed (requires wordxe 0.3.2)
  • Issue 102: Implemented styles for bulleted and numbered lists
  • Issue 38: Default headers/footers via options, config file or stylesheet
  • Issue 88: Implemented much better book-style TOCs
  • Issue 100: Fixed bug with headers/footers and Reportlab 2.3
  • Issue 95: Fixed bug with indented tables
  • Issue 89: Implemented --version
  • Issue 84: Fixed bug with relative include paths
  • Issue 85: Fixed bug with table cell styles
  • Issue 83: Fixed bug with numeric colors in backColor attribute
  • Issue 44: Support for stdin and stdout
  • Issue 79: Added --stylesheet-path option
  • Issue 80: Send warnings to stderr, not stdout
  • Issue 66: Implemented "smart quotes"
  • Issue 77: Work around missing matplotlib
  • Proper translation of labels (such as "Author", "Version" etc.) using the docutils languages package. (r473)
  • Fixed problems with wrong or non-existing fonts. (r484)
  • Page transition effect support for presentations (r423)

2009-05-14 10:10

A bit more work in rst2pdf

A bit of time today, too:

  • Started looking at issue reported by msoulier (not reproduced yet)
  • Implemented improvement requested in Issue 111 in r520 (including docs and sample config file). Now it needs to be verified by adk2012
  • Verified Issue 106 isn't happening anymore and closed it.
  • Closed Issue 76 as WontFix because I am not keeping RL2.1 installed :-(
  • Closed Issue 99 because it's fixed in wordaxe 0.3.2

UPDATE: The changelog in SVN is getting more than long enough to deserve a new release!

2009-05-13 11:03

rst2pdf bugfixes

After an awfully long time, I set aside one hour for coding, and spent it on bugfixing for rst2pdf.

Not much work (the fixes were very simple) but at least I am doing something. Important since some people actually use this program ;-)

2009-02-05 15:22

Back from the dead.

Yes, again, two months passed and nothing on the blog. What can I say, my life takes a lot of my time.

Anyway: I will try to actually write my PyQt tutorial based on what I showed at LatinoWare (I said "will write it in a few days". Ja!), and start pushing things out every once in a while.

The only FLOSS I did was some bugfixes for rst2pdf which is desperately needing a new release.

Hopefully march will mean a bit more time for free software and writing.

On other areas:

  • KDE 4.2 is really good. Beats 3.5 for me, like for most anyone else that was not convinced yet.
  • I want to try my hand at a couple of plasmoids (yes, I do have at least one semi-original idea)

So, see you soon, dear readers. Maybe. Probably.

2008-10-09 21:54

rst2pdf: presentations

I have been thinking about using rst2pdf to create presentations. I finished exposing PDF transitions today, and that part works nicely.

Still needed:

  • Some sort of "page decoration" feature.
  • Handout support? I think this would work nicely with some sort of "conditional" directive. I need to think about it some more.

I intend to have that done for next friday, and release then.

2008-10-02 11:02

Programming and Life plans.

First a huge announcement: I will not release anything tomorrow. For the first time in 6 weeks, no friday release from me!

Now, let's see what I'm planning.

  1. I will be at LatinoWare 2008 speaking about PyQt. The usual free beer offer: if you mention this blog, I will buy you 1 (one) not very good beer. Being in Brazil, that's probably a Brahma.

  2. rst2pdf development is slowing down. The easy stuff is all done. There are some things I can do, though:

    • Expose transitions to the writer (good for presentations)
    • "Background" forms (again, for presentations)
    • A mini-language exposing the canvas, so there is a useful "raw" mode.
    • Using svglib instead of uniconvertor to handle SVG (but keep uniconvertor for other vector formats)
    • Redoing lists, which have a shaky code and bad layout
    • Fix half a dozen bugs
    • Make it work more like a unix app when in unix (respect environment vars, for example)

    However, I am taking a little time off from it, and going to try reviving other projects. Focusing in rst2pdf for two months did wonders for it. Let's see if it can be repeated!

  3. Try some more code golfing. I helped Nubis from PyAr reach the lowest-score of 74 in the grid challenge. This is really fun stuff.

  4. I need more money. We have spent lots in ... plumbing. Yup. Two years of savings spent on that. So, I need money. If you read this blog and want to make me happy, get me freelance work. It can be sysadmin stuff, it can be programming, it can be babysitting. I am good at all three things. Contact me. I'm easy to find, and I am cheap(ish).

  5. No, I am not starving. No, I am not in money problems. Yes, my company is doing very well, but it's an investment, not a cash cow (yet).

2008-09-24 18:13

What may be in rst2pdf 0.9...

If I manage to make it work well: Math!

Here's how it looks:


It does not require TeX. It is not an image. It does require external software, and it does require you to write TeX syntax.

If you are a reportlab user: this is a platypus flowable.

As usual, it's not me that's doing the heavy lifting. I am just good at using other tools.

With a little luck, it should be usable this friday.

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