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Rstpdf wil be released again tomorrow. And it's a good release.

How good? Let me tell you...

  • Sup­­port for PDF ta­ble of con­­tents

  • Sec­­tion names and num­bers in head­­er­s/­­foot­ers

  • Com­­pressed PDFs (or not)

  • Guess im­age sizes. Spe­­cial­­ly if you meant to use them in a web page and de­­clared just ":width: 50%"

  • Gut­ter mar­­gin sup­­port

  • Raw di­rec­­tive (in­sert page­breaks and ver­ti­­cal space man­u­al­­ly)

  • Of­fers a do­cu­til­s-­­com­­pli­ant API (and an­oth­er API, too)

  • In­­­clude full or par­­tial files for code-block. That means you can ex­­tract code and show it in your doc­u­­men­t!

  • Huge code cleanup lead by Nico­las Lau­rance.

  • Work­ing mul­ti­lin­gual hy­phen­a­tion. You can have a per-­­para­­graph lan­guage and hy­phen­ate it cor­rec­t­­ly.

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