2008-08-28 23:26

Rstpdf wil be released again tomorrow. And it's a good release.

How good? Let me tell you...

  • Support for PDF table of contents
  • Section names and numbers in headers/footers
  • Compressed PDFs (or not)
  • Guess image sizes. Specially if you meant to use them in a web page and declared just ":width: 50%"
  • Gutter margin support
  • Raw directive (insert pagebreaks and vertical space manually)
  • Offers a docutils-compliant API (and another API, too)
  • Include full or partial files for code-block. That means you can extract code and show it in your document!
  • Huge code cleanup lead by Nicolas Laurance.
  • Working multilingual hyphenation. You can have a per-paragraph language and hyphenate it correctly.


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