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2007-03-24 09:16

A little project, son of BartleBlog

I have been posting this blog using PyDS for over 4 years now. Sadly, the PyDS author seems to have abandoned it. Which is sad, because it's nifty software.

However, keeping it working is getting harder every year, and I don't expect to be able to do it soon.

Also, the data is in a Metakit database, which is the most annoying DB ever (no real schema! columnar instead of record oriented! gouge my eyes with a breadstick!)

So, since I have all the data, and my blogging needs are modest, and no tool does exactly what I want, I decided to write my own.

I could make it a web app, maybe using TurboGears, but what the heck, I haven't done a decent GUI app in ... ok, arguably, I never have done a decent one, and my PyQt4 needs some work, and I am kinda in a groove for actually finishing things lately (I am rather proud of RaSPF).

And I have a neat name (BartleBlog) reserved from another aborted app.

So, here's the mandatory screenshot after a couple hours hacking:


And here are the goals:

  • Generate static pages, so it can be used by anyone with a little web space (I am a gipsy)
  • Simple templating (Using cherrytemplate right now, but should be modular)
  • Restructured Text as input mechanism (again, modular)
  • Good support for code snippets
  • Should support static pages (like the ones I have in the Stories link)
  • Integrate with Flickr for images
  • Integrate "chunks" in the templating, where you can do things like setting the right Haloscan comment/trackback links easily
  • Simple category mechanism, with a regexp-based autotagger without creating per-category copies of everything.
  • RSS feed generation, global and per-category.
  • A way to import all my PyDS blog (and maybe my older advogato things)
  • Use sqlite and SQLObject for sane storage.

So far, it's doing some things, I can import, edit, save (by instant application, there is no "save" here).

I can't yet generate the site, or create a new post, and it should take months to make it useful, but let's see how it goes.

2007-03-22 19:53

History of KDE: A generous offer...

Back in october of 1996, when everyone was saving for the flying car we would buy in 5 years, and KDE was starting, slowly, to take shape in the minds of a few.... there was a generous offer...

Matthias Ettrich ([email protected]) wrote:*
>         -------------------------------------------
>         New Project: Kool Desktop Environment (KDE)
>         -------------------------------------------
>                     Programmers wanted!

Freedom Software would be willing to contribute with
the source code of Freedom Desktop Light for this effort.
Please don't subestimate the task of building a
desktop manager. Several Years have been spent building
Freedom Desktop.  We could also contribute with
other pieces of technology (i.e Freedom Rt - Object oriented
toolkit). For more information about Freedom Desktop,
please visit

Freedom Software is about to announce a free version
of the software for Linux (personal use only). This version
is called Freedom Desktop Light for Linux.

If I were you, I wouldn't restrict the project to a specific
toolkit (at least for now). There are many pieces of public
software that can be reused easily. It could take a long
time to rebuild everything from scratch. Try to reuse
the more you can now. You can standarize on a single
toolkit later.

Also keep in mind that Motif  is the defacto standard.
Most Unix platform ship with Motif. It would be nice
if your desktop work on all the versions of Unix

Edgar Galvis
Freedom Software - Home of Freedom Desktop for Motif
[email protected]

UPDATE: I had not bothered checking, but freedom desktop's site has been available until very recently. There is still something in the internet archive, too.

2006-06-25 14:23

Exhausted by a match. And I was just watching.

I wrote in my first post about the world cup this:

We have a probable superstar, but he's too young and a little injured. We have a terrible goalie, an aging defense, a lot of above average forwards... I say semis, or quarters. If we get any further, it will be in the Italy way, not the Mexico way.

When I said the Italy way, I meant as Argentina advanced in Italy 90: with lots of suffering.

Now, this was not even close to the equivalent match in Italy: relentlessly being dominated by Brazil, but boy was it painful.

Not a great match, but I have hope that's just beause we match up badly with Mexico.

Germany beat the tar out of Sweden, and England has just finished beating Ecuador.

  • Germany is good, but I still want to know what happens when they play a team that can actually score. The closest they had was Ecuador, but they played without their best forward.
  • Sweden... what a depressing team.
  • England... Like Sweden, but with a guy that can do free kicks.
  • Ecuador... nervous. But not a bad game, they could have won if they had decided to bring it to England, which should have had some player thrown out for repeated fouling.
  • Mexico... guts. Lots of them. People have said Lavolpe is crazy. His name means "the fox". So, yeah, he is crazy... like a fox! He made a perfect tactical setting, but was unlucky with injuries.
  • Argentina... we can get better. I feel there is still another gear. But we need it on friday.

And to all my german friends in KDE... good luck, and a painless 1-0 defeat to you! ( just kidding ;-)

BTW: this is what happens when Argentina plays (game started at 16 hours):

2006-05-27 17:22

A question for KDE devs...

... if I want to store a password in kdewallet, from a non-kde app, how can I do it?

It would be better if there was a client API I could link to that didn't involve kdelibs, or at least a DCOP interface.

This is nice technology, I want to use it.

2006-05-16 10:34

Roadmap for Qt/IUP

I have been contacted by a few people about Qt/IUP. Here's my current state of mind...

  • It works mostly.
  • It lacks a few widgets
  • It needs someone to walk over the docs checking everything is implemented and semantically right.
  • It has a (IMVHO) decent structure for the Qt backend. It should be possible to implement everything using it.
  • The IUP people know about it.
  • It's still just my toy, AFAIK

So, its future seems to rely on me having time and energy to finish it... and there's the catch.

I am Gimli. I am not a marathon runner. We dwarves are natural sprinters! So, I can usually cook up a decent project in a week or a month, and then it languishes.

Specially because I really don't need Qt/IUP.

I only got here because I was trying to learn D and I didn't like any of their portable toolkits, and I found no better small C toolkit I could wrap, and then I disliked it being Motif.

As you can see, an entirely too weak link from me to Qt/IUP to be sustainable.

I will try to push it today, implementing the missing widgets, and see what happens.

2006-05-03 11:49

Rethinking my fax solution

I decided to redo most of it, because I think I figured out a better way.

  1. Use efax instead of mgetty+sendfax

After all, efax works with my modem and sendfax doesn't ;-)

  1. Write a generic spooling thingamajig for efax (this is easy)
  2. Rewrite in a simpler way (done)
  3. Simplify the windows side.

Forget about a Qt app. All that's needed is a proggie that listens on a port, accepts connections. The connection gives it a URL. It launches the default browser with that URL.

If anyone reading this can write that program, I would really like it. Use VB, use .NET, use Java, I don't care.

  1. Use the web app as the only interface.

What's missing yet:

  • Writing the queuing program (should use same format as mgetty+sendfax's)
  • The windows "client"
  • Minor tweaks to the web app ( basically a form for the sending data)

And that's it.

Other than the windows thing, it's about a day's work.

2006-04-24 20:25

Further IUP/Qt advances: Canvas

I keep working on it, which is nice. I have finished the skeleton of the implementation of a Qt driver for the CD canvas.

I had it kinda working with the generic X driver, but it sucked a bit to have this largish chunk of Motif code I didn't understand in the middle of it all.

It has only the most basic stuff implemented, and the scrollbar stuff is not there, but it does draw and set colors ;-)

So, right now, the next step is getting the iupcontrols library up, but that shouldn't be too hard, I think.

But, we'll see.

PS: If anyone reads this and wants to check it out, just email me, I can ship it.

2006-04-22 16:07

Now I remember why I don't like C++

I have refactored IUP/Qt into a lovely object hierarchy. And I now remember why I dislike C++.

Here's the basic problem (code may be wrong, I don´t have the broken versions anymore):

I have a base class IObject, that has stub setters/getters for all the IUP attributes.

For each kind of widget, I create a class that inherits from IObject and the matching Qt widget (example: QDialog).

These have to be hooked into an Ihandle structure through the use of a void * (remember, that's C, I have that too ;-)

Now, this was my first naive approach:

Ihandle *n;
IQDialog *d=new IQDialog();
n->handle=d; //handle is a void*

That compiles ok. However, when you try to call a d member later (and I know I am using old C casts... they had worked for me until today!) ...

((IObject *)(n->handle))set_title("Title here");

Blammo, segfault. Why? Because in one of the assignments to/from void *, the pointer for some reason starts to point elsewhere.

Here´s what Gliptic at #C++ suggested, and it does work:

Ihandle *n;
IQDialog *d=new IQDialog();
n->handle=static_cast <void *>(static_cast < IObject *> (d));

Right, I have to cast it twice.

And here is how you get it back:

(static_cast < IObject * >(n->handle))->set_title ("Some title");

Isn't this just ridiculously weird for anyone coming from any other language?

Or am I missing something completely?

But the good news is, it works ok, and the Qt backend now has a decent structure to hack on.

2006-04-21 15:12

IUP/Qt preview

Ok, here is version 0.0.1 of my Qt4 backend for IUP . It's not very good, but a bunch of things work. A whole bunch more do not, of course.

I am showing this just because I want to rewrite it, because I noticed that I am writing it like it was Motif still, and I must understand this is actually C++ and Qt code ;-)

Using it along with DIUP you can write silly Linux/Windows/Mac GUIs from D, or you can use C. No LUA yet.

You can download it here (click on the "Free" button and wait a while).

You will need Qt4 and qmake to make it work.

2006-04-19 13:00

IUP/Qt is advancing

I have callbacks (some), geometry management, LED files loading (resource files) and it seems no hard parts are left.

That would mean the remaining work is routinary, even if it's a large amount of it.

It's nice that I can switch back and forth between the Motif and Qt implementations just by setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH to compare :-)

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