2004-05-11 19:24

Kill Bill Vol. 2

As I mentioned, I saw Kill Bill Vol. 2.

While I enjoyed Volume 1's childish notion of grandeur by accumulation, I must confess I was waiting for that emotional moment, like S. Jackson's monologue at the Diner in Pulp Fiction.

Or the whatheheck moment like the death of Robert de Niro's character in Jackie Brown.

Or even the goofy quarter-pounder-with-cheese moment.

But all I got in Volume 1 was Uma Thurman in the slick Bruce Lee outfit, blood, Yakuzas, and the brass of RZA's version of "Battle without honour".

Which is not exactly a small amount of things to get, don't get me wrong, but not quite what I wished for.

And much later I started reading the reviews for Volume 2, and it seemed a more QT flick, and I like those, and I saw it.

And it's good. And it has the quater-pounder-with-cheese moment (Superman), and the whattheheck moment (Elle's), and it has the emotional moment (a lot of them), even if they are darker, and let's face it, basically evil.

So, there's a lot I liked. I was even happy about David Carradine's part (although his lisp drove me nuts (and I don't mean LISP (I mean he says yeth instead of yes))).

BTW: I read on a newspaper an excerpt from an interview he did for Uncut magazine... he's one crazy guy.

The Pai Mei stuff is hilarious. Michael Madsen's Budd is awesome. The very picture of moral decadence wrapped around the nastiest little-brother syndrome ever.

So, I actually quite loved this movie. It's not my favourite QT flick ever (that's Pulp Fiction, then Jackie Brown), but it's a hell of a lot better than almost everything else I saw in the last year or so.

All I want to know is what happened to Sofie Fatale (cheesiest name ever for a french character), and I would be happy as a clam.


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