2004-05-19 17:26

The Roberto KDE Show

I will be speaking at the Primer Congreso Nacional de Software Libre on May 27th, at 15:00.

Now, I am not all that thrilled about it, since it's a commercial event and I am not getting any money for it, but it's a chance to show KDE, and I am a pretty good demo guy.

However, look at the sponsor list: IBM, HP, Sun, Novell, and Microsoft.

Yeah, Microsoft.

So, I did whine a little to the organizers, about how this was not exactly a free software event, and that I didn't just speak for free for anyone who asked me.

Well, they told me that the sponsors pay, but it's a free software event, and that I am important for the event, as a member of the free software movement, or whatever.

Ok, since it's like all other free software events, I am now considering wardrobe.

Jeans and T-Shirt is an obvious choice. I use that even on commercial events.

But... what t-shirt? Here's one good candidate.

I specially like the "KILL BILL" model because it shows my combined admiration for Linux And Quentin Tarantino.

Too bad I can't order a t-shirt from North America. I will have to gimp it, hope they don't mind!


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