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Wizard Defiant (Intergalactic Wizard Scout Chronicles, #1)

  • Au­thor: Rod­ney W. Hart­man
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    Some­­times it feels like the au­thor lost a bet, and was forced to write this book. Con­di­­tions of the bet would be:

    * It should have some­thing called Ga­lac­tic Wiz­­ard Scout Acad­e­my
    * It must be a Hero's Jour­ney
    * The hero should use a 1-me­ter long weapon that col­lap­s­es to just a han­dle, shines pur­­ple, and caus­es sub­­atom­ic ex­­plo­­sions in what it touch­es, but is not a light saber
    * Hero must have mi­nor tele­k­i­net­ic pow­ers
    * There must be a sar­­don­ic com­put­er
    * In­­­clude Check­­hov's com­put­er con­spir­a­­cy the­o­ry as a throw­­away
    * In the mid­­dle of the nov­el, sud­­den­­ly switch to a fan­­ta­sy the­me, with elves, trol­l­s, gnomes, drag­ons and demons
    * Make the whole set­up so mys­te­ri­ous as to be opaque. Noone knows why things hap­pened, in­­­clud­ing all char­ac­ter­s.

    So, imag­ine the hero of "A New Hope" be­ing Tr-8R and a sud­­den tele­­por­­ta­­tion to the Tit­­ty Twister and it will give you an idea of the plot.

    All things con­sid­ered, it's much more fun than it has any right to be.