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  • Au­thor: Mark La­vo­ra­to
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    Imag­ine a book writ­ten com­­plete­­ly from the point of view of a mis­­an­thrope. Now imag­ine said mis­­an­thrope is prone to sopho­­moric men­­tal ram­blings. Add some en­dear­ing fea­­tures such as be­liev­ing he is smarter than any­one else. Add a lot of oth­­er var­ied mis­­an­thropes as char­ac­ter­s. Now make them com­­plete­­ly uni­di­­men­­sion­al, so you can de­fine each of them in one line ("On­ni is nice and makes mu­sic"). Put those char­ac­ters in a brief, not very in­­ter­est­ing jour­ney where not much hap­pens ex­­cept that they are all de­struc­­tive mo­ron­s.

    Now, take those in­­­gre­di­ents and use them to write a book. That book is Ve­rac­i­­ty by Mark La­vo­ra­­to.