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The Coldest War (The Milkweed Triptych, #2)

  • Au­thor: Ian Tregillis
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    This tril­o­­gy is a tricky read. Most char­ac­ters just suf­fer through hor­ri­ble things.

    Al­­so, the way the or­a­­cle's pow­er works is fair­­ly ob­vi­ous, and there are (a­­gain) ob­vi­ous coun­ter­mea­­sures that could have been tak­en by the oth­­er par­ties in or­der to ren­der her
    pow­er use­­less (ex­am­­ple: killing her).

    On the oth­­er hand, it de­scribes a world that feels as if it ex­ists or ex­ist­ed, which is some­thing I re­al­­ly like in sci­ence fic­­tion.