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Spin (Spin, #1)

  • Au­thor: Robert Charles Wil­son
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    I think the out of se­quence nar­ra­­tive struc­­ture re­­moved a bit too much of the sus­pense. It's a "high con­­cep­t" book, so it takes an idea and runs with it, re­veal­ing it grad­u­al­­ly, but know­ing a few of the things that are re­vealed so ear­­ly in the book re­­moves the mis­­tery, and I may (or maybe not) pre­fer if it were told in a more straight­­for­ward way.

    I liked the char­ac­ter­s, though, they are grownup­s, which is al­­most re­fresh­ing nowa­­days.