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Soon I Will Be Invincible

  • Au­thor: Austin Gross­man
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    If you read the re­views, you'll no­tice this is a po­lar­iz­ing book, hon­our usu­al­­ly re­served for first-per­­son nar­ra­­tives ex­­plain­ing Je­­sus ac­­tu­al­­ly was a whore­­mong­ing alien, or some­thing. OTO­H, I am giv­ing it 4 stars, most­­ly for two rea­­son­s.

    One, is, I re­al­­ly did like it. It's fun­ni­­ly writ­ten, and it shows love for genre. It at least *tries* to make the uni­­verse make some sense, which is some­thing su­per­hero sto­ries hard­­ly ev­er do.

    And two, be­­cause there's a pedan­tic re­view that bash­es the book for ac­cu­rate­­ly quot­ing Archimedes, be­­cause the re­view writ­er ap­­par­en­t­­ly has not read as much as he thinks, and I love con­­tra­­dic­t­ing such peo­­ple.