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Red Hope (Red Hope, #1)

  • Au­thor: John Dreese
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    This book pro­­pos­es an an­swer to a ques­­tion I nev­er heard asked: how would a NASA mars mis­­­sion go if ev­ery­one was ei­ther in­­­com­pe­­tent or a rag­ing as­s­­hole?

    An­swer is: not very well.

    Al­­so: au­thor, if you have a rock­­et en­g­ing that can make a cap­­sule hov­­er for a week, then you have a rock­­et en­gine that can put a cap­­sule in or­bit a dozen times over, and the whole tech­ni­­cal side of the sto­ry breaks down, sor­ry, the amount of delta-v to reach mars in a month is (tech­ni­­cal ter­m) a gazil­lion times the amount you need to reach low earth or­bit.