PyCamp 2012: Day 2

Finishing Day 2, here's the update.

That is one large spider, dude.

  • Woke up 10 time because David Litvak doesn't know how to turn off his alarm. Now hating "Good Day Sunshine" by The Beatles. Sorry Ringo!
  • Learned about Celery/Flask/Juggernaut. Tomorrow will try to hack on the Nikola server idea using that. Hugo Ruscitti already did a lot of work!
  • Helped Martín Gaitán do Nikola gallery improvements (looking much nicer now!)
  • Implemented code listings for Nikola
  • Had a huge spider walk up my leg.
  • Had asado for dinner!
  • Played with remote controlled cars.
  • Saw a guy juggle while riding a monocycle
  • Played in the ping pong tournament (record 1-1, out in the group phase)
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs that popped while implementing stuff.

Tomorrow: will hack all day in the nikola hosting idea.


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