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Much Fall of Blood (Heirs of Alexandria, #3)

  • Au­thor: Mer­cedes Lack­ey
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    I had read the first cou­­ple of Heirs of Alex­an­­dria books years ago, and saw this one for free at Baen.S­ince I had rather fond mem­o­ries of those first, I gave this one a chance.

    The sto­ry is in­­ter­est­ing enough, but ... the di­a­log. The di­a­log is try­ing so hard. Just so hard. It tries to be smart, fun­ny and clev­er, but it all comes out as weird, self­­-­­con­s­cious, and stilt­ed.

    It's like read­­ing the in­­n­er voice of a shy teenage boy who deep in­­­side knows he's bet­ter and smarter and more hon­or­able than the rest, be­­cause oth­­er­­wise why would he be so lone­­ly and sad?

    I hat­ed the di­a­log.

    Al­­so, the way ev­ery "good" char­ac­ter is bet­ter in ev­ery pos­si­ble way than ev­ery "bad" char­ac­ter is grat­ing.

    I am now re­­con­sid­er­ing if the fond mem­o­ries of the ear­li­er books are just se­lec­­tive mem­o­ry, or the des­per­ate grat­i­­tude of a fan­­ta­sy read­­er in Ar­­gen­ti­­na, where there just was­n't all that much to read at the time.