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Missing Signals (The Diaspora Trilogy, #2)

  • Au­thor: Michael Kay­at­ta
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    Got this as part of the Sto­ry Bun­­dle.

    This is a se­quel to John Gone. While I found that first book dis­­­con­cert­ing­­ly ni­hilis­tic, this one is dis­­­con­cert­ing­­ly amus­ing. Strange things hap­pen for no rea­­son, and it takes place in some sort of par­al­lel di­­men­­sion where teenagers can go to Vladi­vos­­tok by train with­­out pass­­port­s.

    Al­­so, the rules that con­trol the tele­­por­­ta­­tion de­vice seem to change ev­ery once in a while, and some things are just nev­er ex­­plained. Fi­­nal­­ly, the au­thor seems to have no idea what­­so­ev­er about how com­put­er net­­works work (the thing with the sig­­nals is ba­si­­cal­­ly Star Trek: Voy­ager lev­­el tech­nob­a­b­ble, ex­­cept it's about tech­nol­o­­gy that's 50 years old al­ready).

    In any case, liked it bet­ter than John Gone, I would give it maybe 2.5 stars.

    While I am not re­al­­ly a big fan of these book­s, I de­­cid­ed to buy the 3rd, "Com­­pa­ny Men" be­­cause I want to see what hap­pens nex­t.