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Meta (Meta, #1)

  • Au­thor: Tom Reynolds
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    I grade books like Roger Ebert grad­ed movies: com­­pared to ex­pec­­ta­­tion­s.

    If I am giv­en an ac­­claimed clas­sic like A Can­ti­­cle for Lei­bow­itz, and it ends up claim­ing ba­­bies suf­fer­­ing ag­o­niz­ing deaths are a good thing be­­cause god likes to see them go through it, and has no moral prob­lems with that, even pro­pos­ing that as the su­pe­ri­or moral po­si­­tion, the gross­­ness of its ide­ol­o­­gy makes it hard for me to ig­nore that the book's ar­gu­­ment is al­­so crap, so 1 star.

    On the oth­­er hand, you have books like Meta. Clas­sic? No. Ac­­claimed? No. Fun? Sure. Bad­­ly writ­ten? No. A quick read that leaves you won­der­ing what hap­pens nex­t? Yes. So 3 stars.