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Heris Serrano (The Serrano Legacy, #1-3)

  • Au­thor: Eliz­a­beth Moon
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    I had read "Once a Hero", which is some­thing like the 4th of 7 books in the Ser­ra­no se­ries a long time ago on a used book. Then I got a cou­­ple more, again out of or­der from the Baen free li­brary.

    I quite liked them so I took a chance now at pay­ing the au­thor and get­t­ing the whole sto­ry by read­­ing the three om­nibus edi­­tion­s.

    Con­­clu­­sion: I did not like them as much as I re­mem­bered but they are still pret­­ty good. They do suf­fer a bit of the hy­per­­com­pe­­tent sci­­fi hero syn­­drome, but at least they are not guys.