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Doctor Sleep

  • Au­thor: Stephen King
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    The un­­for­­tu­­nate read King while young, when his books still hold the pow­er of fright. They are un­­for­­tu­­nate be­­cause then, when the books lose that pow­er, the next King book they read feels in­­­com­­plete, lack­­ing.

    The un­­for­­tu­­nate nev­er no­tice that be­low the tales of killing clown­s/­­cars/shit­­worms lie com­­plete­­ly dif­fer­­ent book­s, about par­en­t­­hood, and in­­ad­e­qua­­cy, and try­ing to be good while know­ing you are flawed.

    Those in­­n­er books about the plea­­sures (most­­ly for­e­ing to me) of rak­ing leaves, shov­el­ing snow, driv­ing cars, hav­ing kid­s, jok­ing with wait­­ress­es, and driv­ing while lis­ten­ing to crap­py amer­i­­cana on the ra­­dio, are the books King wan­t­ed to write, but he feels he has to paint them in gore, to make them "s­­cary" be­­cause that's what the read­­ers wan­t.

    No, that's what the un­­for­­tu­­nate wan­t, and the un­­for­­tu­­nates will not get it once they grow up. When you grow, the shin­ing fades from these book­s, and what's left is some­thing in­­ter­est­ing and heart­felt, but not, in truth, scary.

    And the for­­tu­­nate see it, and we like it. So, four stars.