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Darwin's Radio (Darwin's Radio #1)

  • Au­thor: Greg Bear
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    I have de­­cid­ed Greg Bear is just not a writ­er I can en­joy.

    His books are full of char­ac­ters to whom things just hap­pen. They don't act as much as flail around, buf­fet­ed by forces they don't un­der­­s­tand, un­til fi­­nal­­ly the sto­ry just stop­s, right in time for the se­quel hook, which is prob­a­bly the part of the book that the au­thor has been think­ing about since page 20.

    So, in­­stead of try­ing to read Dar­win's Chil­­dren and see if there is ac­­tu­al­­ly some fire be­hind all this smoke, I am go­ing to stop wast­ing my time, and read ac­­tu­al books with ac­­tu­al char­ac­ters that ac­­tu­al­­ly do things that ac­­tu­al­­ly have some ef­­fect on their lives.