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An Innocent Client (Joe Dillard, #1)

  • Au­thor: Scott Pratt
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    For a change of pace, I read this. I had not read le­­gal fic­­tion for a long time!

    It's ok, fun, not bad­­ly writ­ten, even if the main char­ac­ter is:

    * A spe­­cial forces vet­er­an
    * A child abuse sur­­vivor
    * The best lawyer in town
    * In the process of re­tir­ing to be­­come a teach­er
    * Mar­ried to a gor­­geous dancer
    * Gor­­geous
    * Par­ent of a dancer
    * Par­ent of a MLB prospect kid
    * Work­ing off his 10-acre prop­er­­ty over­look­ing a lake
    * On­­ly work­ing death pe­nal­­ty cas­es
    * Moral­­ly con­flic­t­ed

    Be­­cause re­al­­ly, there is such a thing as too much back­­s­to­ry. On the oth­­er hand, the plot is kin­­da thin.

    So, fun short read.


    * His moth­­er is dy­ing
    * His sis­ter is a drug ad­­dict who has stolen from him

    I am sure I am for­get­t­ing some­thing else.