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A Dance with Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire, #5)

  • Au­thor: George R.R. Mar­tin
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    In an un­even se­ries, this is a good one, bet­ter than the 4th book, which was a not-­­so-­­good one.

    Read­­ing the se­ries en­tire­­ly in se­quence in a few week­s, I no­ticed a few things.

    1) The char­ac­ter sprawl is to­­tal­­ly out of con­trol, so much that the au­thor had to use two books to tell the sto­ry of a few weeks or mon­th­s. That's nut­s, and hurts the book­s, be­­cause there are a lot of char­ac­ters that are, sim­­ply, not very in­­ter­est­ing.

    2) This sto­ry seems to be about 40% done, which means an­oth­er gazil­lion years wait­­ing for it to end.

    3) Un­­like in star trek, here even is bad, odd is good.

    4) If I had the time, I am sure I could find trends in word and ex­pres­­sion us­age. Neep and nun­­cle, leal and "The bas­­tard of" are on the rise.

    5) I don't re­­gret read­­ing it but ...

    6) The sit­u­a­­tion, af­ter thou­sands of pages, is com­­plete­­ly un­re­­solved, and it's be­­com­ing a bit grat­ing to move the ac­­tu­al plot so slow­­ly, even with all the things that are hap­pen­ing. It feels like noise.