Having a little fun with poppler, PyQt and rst2pdf

Inspired by a post by André Roberge I wanted to see if rst2pdf was too slow to be used for real-time previews in a restructured text editor.

It would also be very useful, for example, as a way to test stylesheet changes, making rst2pdf much more useful in general.

And after a couple of hours of gentle hacking, you know... it doesn't suck at all. I implemented the (still very primitive) PDF viewer using a python/poppler/Qt binding I found via google, the UI is PyQt.

Here's the video:

A note: the video was recorded using qt-recordmydesktop and that program is awesome. It was trivial to do.

I expect this will not be good enough when long documents are processed, but the rst2pdf manual (about 25 pages) renders in 5 seconds.


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