PyCon Argentina 2009 Day 2

Ha, I thought I was very tired after Day 1... not even close. Not after how tired I was after day 2!

First a short recap:

  • Got there (in time!)

  • Watched Facundo Batista's Entendiendo Unicode

  • Finally presented PyQt + WxPython + PyGtk. And here are my slides.

    A huge thank you to Mariano Reingart, Mariano Guerra, Daniel Moisset and Javier Castrillo who were there in representation of WxPython and PyGtk. It was a very cordial affair and lots of fun for everyone involved, I hope. Here are the Wx and PyGtk slides.

    On the other hand, this kind of thing is dead as future talk subjects, at least to me. There isn't much sizzle in it anymore.

  • Lunch

  • A bit late for Multiprocesamiento en Python by Claudio Freire

  • Then I completely didn't follow Behind the scenes: Python bytecode by Matías Bordese because...

  • I had yet another lightning talk to give!

    It was an old trusty friend of mine, Raymond Hettinger's spreadsheet thingie and I even did slides, there was even time to get a neat xkcd reference in it... and the netbook I was using crapped out in slide #3.

    I could tell the joke (Marcos Dione had a shirt with the exact needed xkcd strip in the back), but I really had a thing going and .. well, it sucked.

    What the heck, I will try again next time.

    And yes, here are the slides I couldn't show

  • Then, last conference, Unladen Swallow by Collin Winter, which was very nice.

  • Then conference closing, gifts for the lucky, some talking, and home to rest.

In other areas:

I finally got my copy of the python tutorial printed with rst2pdf. It's the first time ever a book has been typeset using rst2pdf.

While the printing and binding are (intentionally!) cheap, the typesetting was pretty good. Here are some pictures:


And finally, I congratulate all the organizers, it was a beautifully handled event!


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