Blogging from LatinoWare

Just finished speaking about PyQt programming in LatinoWare.

It went ok, but I ran out of time, so no Q&A, and I couldn't show about 20% of the code. :-(

Anyway, here is the code in its different stages, so you can see the "evolution" of a simple PyQt app. I will probably turn it into a real tutorial in a few days and post it.

Here is the guide I was using for myself when doing the presentation:

    1. App backend (1/
    2. Basic window with a treewidget Columns Task/Date/Tags
    3. Compile archivo .ui, show how it works
    4. Template for
    1. Load backend data in the task list
    2. Show interaction is broken
    1. Explain signals/slots
    2. Show difference between 1/ 2/
    3. Explain autoconnect, show on_lista_itemChanged
    4. Show task persistence working
    1. Fix tree decorations
    2. Make items editable
    3. Explain changes in on_lista_itemChanged
    4. Explain the problem with editing date and tags inline
    5. New idea: use a dialog to edit tasks (editor.ui)
    6. Explain layout managers
    1. Show changes in
    1. Actions
    2. Show actions in designer
    3. Show actions in
    1. Tray
    2. Show tray class in
    3. Show tray behaviour
    4. Show differences in


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