Geek challenge: Backup this thing!

Here’s the sce­nar­i­o:

  • A Lin­ux+Sam­ba serv­er with 40GB of da­ta.
  • A SM­B-on­ly small stor­age serv­er.

Your mis­sion? Back­up the thing. You should do full back­up­s, and keep the last three.

In an­oth­er age, I would have cob­bled a 10-­line script us­ing tar (and split, see be­low) and be done with it. But now I want to use back­up soft­ware.

So, I tried, and I ran in­to the fol­low­ing lim­i­ta­tion­s:

  1. 2GB file­size lim­it on the stor­age serv­er. Have no idea why, as­sume can’t fix it.
  2. Weird uni­code char­ac­ters in file­names. There must be some en­cod­ing is­sue, but when a Win­dows client saves a file with ac­cent­ed char­ac­ter­s, the clients see it all right. On the server, though, they are weird-look­ing. This is enough to make mc un­able to delete some fold­er­s, for ex­am­ple.

So far I have tried:

  1. rdif­f-back­up: breaks with the uni­code chars.
  2. flexback­up: breaks with file­size lim­it
  3. rsync: breaks with the uni­code chars
  4. syn­bax: us­ing rsync back­end, see above. Us­ing tar back­end, breaks with file­size lim­it.

Here’s what I wan­t:

A sim­ple back­up soft­ware, where I can tell it “take this, back it there, keep last three back­up­s, do it in files small­er than 2G­B, give me a re­port”.

Bonus points if restor­ing it is doable from win­dows.

Any sug­ges­tion­s?


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