2013-08-23 17:10

The best reStructuredText directive ever. Really.

It all started quietly with an Issue in the Nikola bug tracker:

gustavodiazjaimes opened this issue 3 hours ago
oembed by micawber - feature sugestion

instead of using specific code for embed object (Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud) use a generic solution like https://github.com/coleifer/micawber

So, I looked at micawber. And it's awesome and I had never heard of it before. What it does is, it looks at a URL, and if it knows the site where it's pointed at, it will then gather information from it. And using that information it will create for you a HTML fragment so you can embed it in your own HTML page.

And how hard is it to turn that into a reStructuredText directive? NOT HARD AT ALL.

import micawber

class Media(Directive):
    """ Restructured text extension for inserting any sort of media using micawber."""
    has_content = False
    required_arguments = 1

    def run(self):
        providers = micawber.bootstrap_basic()
        return [nodes.raw('', micawber.parse_text(self.arguments[0], providers), format='html')]

So now, in Nikola's github master you can do this:

.. media:: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ralsina/7827374994/


.. media:: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cEh5cLqxgpA

And get this:


Micawber supports many sites, and more can be added. So, thanks coleifer and gustavodiazjaimes for bringing this up :-)


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