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Really, Really, Magical Forum

It has tak­en me a long time and sev­er­al at­tempts but here it is:

A to­tal­ly not-host­ed-by-me-­fo­rum-in-a-url: http://tinyurl.­com/re­al­lyre­al­ly­mag­i­cal­fo­rum

If you don't un­der­stand how it work­s, well, I can ex­plain. But trust me, you are not down­load­ing any­thing from any of my sites to make that fo­rum work, ex­cept for a piece of JS used to pag­i­nate which it could just as well get from github or what­ev­er.

The ac­tu­al code is at http://github.­com/ralsi­na/­mag­ic­fo­rum

Chris Warrick / 2013-10-12 11:23:

Note that Chrome 32 blocks such attempts for various, invalid reasons. You need to hit Ctrl+L and Enter to get it to work.

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